Kye Ryung Park 



Solo and Duo

Flusso for viola and piano (2009)

Simply Inspired for violin solo (2009)
I. White             
I. Green            
III. Blue             
V. Red              

Guitar Solo (2009)

Reminiscences for piano (2008) 

Erneuerung for violoncello and piano (2007)
Movement 1            
Movement 2            
Movement 3            

Viola Sanjo (2003)

Ohne Grenzen for Flute Solo (2002)

Hansori for Kayagum Solo (2000)

Piano Sonata (1995)

Piano Suite (1994)

Sketches for Flute and Piano (1993)

Chamber Music

Danza dei fiori, for piano four hands (2010).

Click here to see a QuickTime video of the premiere (7/2010, Norcia, Italy).


Ad infinitum, for clarinet, viola, and piano (2009)

Arirang for soprano, flute, and Piano (2005)

L'Horloge for soprano, clarinet, and piano (2004)

String Quartet (2003)

Woodwind Quintet (2002)

Three Morsels for violin, cello, oboe, clarinet, and marimba (2001)

Clock for soprano, clarinet, and piano (2000)

Piano Trio (1999)

Fanfare for Brass Quintet (1998)

Daehwa II for violoncello duo (1996)

Daehwa I for flute and cello (1995)

Patoyo Pato for soprano, baritone, bass, piccolo, double bass, and jang-gu (1994)

Vocal Music

Dream of Jakaranda for soprano and piano (2005)

Yeon for baritone and piano (2004)


Johannes (2004)

Fantasy (2001)

Suite for Chamber Orchestra (1997)

Piece for Orchestra (1996)


Psalm 121 for mixed choir (2004)

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